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Marketing Tips

Who Else Needs More Patients?

"Breakthrough Patient Referral Service Boosts Your Acupuncture Practice To A New Level - GUARANTEED!"

Wouldn't it be great if you could just focus on practicing the medicine you love instead of worrying about recruiting more patients? Imagine new patients walking into your clinic every single day asking for your expert services without you wasting your time on expensive advertising. Wouldn't it be great? Yes, it's possible!

If you want more patients and you’re finding your existing advertising methods aren’t working or are providing a poor return on your investment, this could be the best news you’ll ever hear!

Introducing Patient Referral and Active Marketing Service

Acupuncture is one of the fastest growing medical fields and more and more people are experiencing the awesome benefits Oriental medicine has to offer as they look to alternative treatments and therapies to complement conventional medicine. But there are still many people who could benefit from acupuncture treatments yet don’t know where to go or how to get started. We are committed to bringing them to your practice!

We, at AcuGroup, are a team of acupuncturists and marketing experts of more than 10 years experience so we already know your business inside out - we know how we can make you business run more smoothly. We’re aware of where all the potential points for improvement are and can provide the professional marketing skills your business needs without you needing to spend a fortune. You can then spend more time with your patients and developing your skills rather than worrying about filling your appointment book.

What's the value of your patient?

Have you thought about the value of your patient? Many acupuncturists work hard to develop their skills in the art of healing and to give better patient care but lack the necessary time and knowledge to run their businesses effectively. The cold fact is that if you don't see enough patients, your practice won't be able to survive in this competitive business world.

To keep your practice in good shape, you only need to stick to 2 basic principles;

acupuncture marketing free trialMaintain good relationships with your existing patients thereby guaranteeing their repeat business.
marketing help for acupuncturistsContinue to find new patients.

A good practitioner/patient relationship with your patient is pretty straightforward. You must keep them informed about your clinic, make regular contact and ask about their progress, etc. Show them you care about them and they’ll stay loyal to you.

But how do you get new patients? If you agree patients are the lifeblood of your business, you need to be constantly on the look out for new ones. The usual traditional media routes such as newspaper ads, Yellow Pages or online listing services are just shot-in-the-dark methods. You just don't know who's going to see your ad, when they see it or why they see it. You don’t know how many of them are actually looking for your business when they see the ad or whether they are just casually browsing. In other words, you have no control! If you are using only those methods to run your business, your living may be at stake. But it doesn't have to be that way.

We will actually find patients for you and bring them to you!

With AcuGroup’s Active Marketing System™, we will actually find the prospective patients who can benefit from your particular service. Using our revolutionary online and offline marketing strategies, we can collect questions and queries from prospective patients in your area and forward them to you. This will allow you to exercise complete control over your patient list, and enable you to better tailor your service in order to acquire new patients. Since these data we collect are easily analyzed, your ability to attract new patients will only improve with time.

This is not only good for your business, but it benefits the patients as well. The biggest obstacle for a new patient looking for a new medical service is fear of the unknown. Many of them do not know how acupuncture works or even if they do, they don't know what kind of practitioner they will meet if they sign up for a course of treatment.

We’ve all been in similar situations before. When we needed to see new specialists, we worried who we were going to see and what they would be like. It’s even worse when you don’t know how good the consultant is or how much it’s going to cost you. And it’s the same for your prospective patients as well - if they could just talk to you beforehand, they would be better reassured about their treatment and about you, and you would be better able to understand the patient’s needs as well.

Why it's good for both the patient and your practice

We don’t just search out patients who are actively seeking acupuncture treatment, but we also use our unique market research strategies to identify those with conditions that could be alleviated using acupuncture therapy. This way, we can market acupuncture to a much wider audience.

If the potential clients are interested in learning more, we will collect any questions they have and forward them to a selection of acupuncturists in the surrounding area. We select a group rather than individual practitioners to ensure the patient receives answers as we appreciate that some practitioners may not always be available to answer questions. Depending on the condition and the number of therapists in the area, up to 10 practitioners will receive those queries, but never more than 10. This way, assuming half of the practitioners answer the email, the patient will get at least 5 answers. Also by receiving multiple replies, the prospective patients will have more options for treatment, appreciate different opinions and better understand this increasingly popular form of the healing arts.

So if you want to bring more patients to your clinic with better degree of control on your part, try our referral service for FREE! We will forward you relevant patient emails and you can communicate with the prospective patients, then arrange to see them for yourself. If you decide to start getting new patients from us without any interruption, you can join our network of practitioners/marketers for a low introductory price of $35 a month.

Now ask yourself - how much is a patient worth? If you are charging $90 per visit, with a course of treatment averaging 5 visits, that’s $450 income from each patient. Even if you manage to find only 2 new patients a month, that’s an extra $900 every month! And not forgetting the word of mouth effect from those two patients and the repeat business potential, $35 per month could be one of the best investments you make for your practice.

Furthermore, in the rare instance you don’t receive any inquiries or referrals during a month, you will receive a FULL CREDIT for that month! What a deal! You have absolutely nothing to lose. There’s no risk, no obligation, and you can cancel anytime if you decide this service is not for you. So why wait? There could be a patient waiting for you right now. Get those referrals straight away -join our network right NOW!

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REMEMBER, your monthly membership is 100% guaranteed and you can cancel anytime. If, during a month you don’t receive any referral for any reason, you will receive a full credit for that month! So don’t wait another day!