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Marketing for acupuncture practice Yes, I Need More Patients!

"I'm ready to bring my practice to the next level. I understand there's no obligation and I can cancel anytime. I’m looking forward to guaranteed referrals!"


Congratulations on making the right decision to become an even more successful practitioner! Our guaranteed referral service will help you focus on your patients’ treatments rather than worrying about your advertising budget or strategy.

As a member,

Acupuncture marketing plan You will receive referrals in your area. Guaranteed!
acupuncture marketing strategies There’s no risk involved when you join this service. There’s no obligation and you can cancel anytime. If you don't receive any patient inquires in any one month, you will receive a credit for that month.
acupuncture marketing free trial You will receive suggestions on how to effectively answer patients’ questions.
marketing help for acupuncturists You will receive patient survey and research results at no extra charge.
professional marketing for acupuncture practice You will receive marketing tips to help you better run your acupuncture business.
Business solutions for acupuncturists You will receive a special discount if you commission us to build your website.
Patient referral service You will receive a special discount if you allow us to handle newsletter and other client relationship-building services.


As a new member, you will only pay a special introductory price of $35 a month.

Your payments are handled securely by a respected third party agency, either PayPal or Your financial information is NOT stored on our server so there’s no risk of losing them.

Sign up safely and securely with PayPal (recommended). PayPal is the largest online payment processing company, owned by Ebay. Click the button below to join.



If you don’t wish to use PayPal, you can pay by credit card directly using another secure online payment processing company, Click the link below to join.



You will immediately receive a receipt by email after your payment. The payment will show on your statements as 'Best Infonet inc.'

If you have a second office, please set up a separate account for each office if you'd like to receive referrals for that office as well.


* By joining our program, you certify that you are properly licensed and registered to practice acupuncture in your state as required by the law. You also acknowledge that we have no control over your communications with any referral, and that you are solely responsible for the content of any reply you make.

** Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Best Infonet inc..