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Patient referral service for acupuncture practice Patient Referral Service

Using our revolutionary online and offline marketing strategies, we can identify prospective patients in your area who could benefit from acupuncture or herbal treatments. We can then forward, via email, details of their particular conditions and what they are looking for in those treatments to a selection of practitioners in the area. Depending on the condition, the email will be sent to 5-10 practitioners, thus ensuring the patient receives a range of responses and opinions allowing them to make a more informed decision regarding their treatment.

The number of referrals will very each month, but our research suggests you would receive at least 8 inquiries per month on average as a regular member. We expect this number to increase as we are always seeking to expand our markets. If you don’t receive any inquiries, we will give you a credit for that month.

So this is a no risk venture on your part and joining during our introductory period will be even better - getting in at the start will allow you to become part of our established client base right away without much competition! Click here to join.

acupuncture marketing and patient referral service Marketing Tips and Research Newsletter

We are constantly talking to our current and prospective patients to find out what they want, to evaluate the services they received, and to find ideas on how we can improve those services. We then share this information on our blog. We think the blog is going to be a very powerful tool to build client satisfaction. Our research suggests that more than 90% of the patients DO NOT TELL the practitioner how they felt about the treatment and service they received. They simply walk away. Our survey results will open your eyes and have you re-think the ways you communicate with your patients. If you subscribe to the newsletter you will receive a notification when there’s a new post. Click here to subscribe.

Marketing ideas for acupuncture business Professional Web Design

Still don’t have a website for your business? Is the high cost of web design keeping you from having a web presence? If you don’t have a website, you are missing out on a hugely effective presentation opportunity, especially as more and more people are turning to the Internet as their first research resource. It’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself to your prospective patients, even when your clinic is closed.

Our experienced web designers can create a professional-looking website for you at a very reasonable cost - often much lower than you thought possible. We can make static html pages or a dynamic site containing features such as a contact form, newsletter mailing, online content editing, etc. Furthermore, you will receive FREE domain name and web hosting as long as you stay as a member. This is a truly hands-free operation that works for you day and night.

Acupuncture medical marketing Email Newsletter and Promotion Service

Managing your client database effectively is one of the most important aspects of running a healthcare business if you want to generate repeat business through loyalty. You need to maintain regular contact with your clients by sending them reminders, notifying them of special offers or useful seasonal promotions either by email or regular mail. But who has the time to do all that? That’s where we come in. We can create great-looking email or regular mail newsletters with useful information on holistic health therapies and send them to your patients on a regular basis with YOUR OWN LOGO and custom newsletter design!

Following your instructions, we will also send them special offers and timely treatment reminders, for example, pre-winter tune-up treatments or immune-strengthening treatments before allergy season, etc. All you need to do is tell us the mailing frequency and your mailing list. We handle everything else from there, but your patients will see your name as the sender. This is a great way to build a trusting customer relationship. You can even put a subscription box on your website and we will automatically send emails to those who subscribe to receive your newsletter.

Referal service for acupuncture practice Promotional Materials - Brochures, CDs, DVDs

Do you need a brochure to display in your clinic or to send to your patients? We create beautiful, professional-looking brochures and fliers you can be really proud of. We can use your own content or you can outsource the content development to us as well. We can also make promotional CDs or DVDs. These are great new ways of conveying your message to your patients, perfectly promoting your business while delivering useful information. You can choose between doing the voice or video presentation yourself or we can have professional voice talent make the recording using your script. The choice is yours. We will then design the cover, duplicate the recordings, produce full color CDs / DVDs and send them to you or directly to your patients.